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Ready For Fall: Buy A Car From RepoKar Online Auto Auction

Summer has officially come to an end. It won’t be long before the weather goes from post-summer comfort to a little brisker and icky. A good car will help traveling more comfortable and more fun. RepoKar can help you get the car.  At ...

  • Apple Car is ready for testing drive
    13 Oct 2015

    The Apple Car might hit the road a lot sooner than some experts predicted, according to a new report that claims the iPhone-maker plans to rev up hiring on its secret electric car project in hopes of getting the vehicle finalized by 2019.The company Apple met with officials at California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to discuss the testing of self-driving Apple Car on public roads.If Apple applies for the necessary road permits, it will have to reveal the make, model and vehicle identification number of the cars it plans to test — as well as sharing details about the automobiles&#...

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  • Rare cars at Hong Kong Classic Auto Show
    13 Oct 2015

    Hong Kong Classic showcased 100 different rare and classic cars. This weekend they wanted to catch a glimse of the world's most prized automobiles. "We spent a lot of time researching international collections to display in Hong Kong," says co-creator of the event, Melanie Riach, of the show's collection of 100 classic cars and motorcycles."The star of the show, The Napier Railton from Brooklands Museum in England, was this year's iconic centerpiece. When it's 24-liter Napier aircraft engine roared to life, the crowds became so excited! It was amazing for us...

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  • Ford aims high at a larger slice of China's market
    13 Oct 2015

    According to Reuters News Agency Ford Motor Company has released plans on a strong investment of $1.8 Billion (11.4 Billion Yuan) spread over a period of five years to expand R&D in China.  This news confirms the direct and concerted effort made by the US Motor giant carmaker in order to secure for itself a rather large slice of the world’s largest auto market, still untapped by some major players.  Ford now stands as the fifth-largest foreign automaker in China.  It follows GM, Volkswagen AG, Hyundai, and Nissan.  However, Ford has had a rapidly ascending ga...

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  • Certain Car brands will profit by the Volkswagen's woes
    11 Oct 2015

    There is no doubt that ceratin automotive brands have to benefit from the Volkswagen's troubles after the emissions scandal.Full-line brands including Ford, Toyota and Honda are the most frequently cross-shopped against VW, according to market experts' data. Based on cross-shopping patterns, these brands could gain most if shoppers spurn VW: Ford would gain 26%, Honda - 23%, Toyota - 20%, 18% would go to BMW and 19% - to Mazda.But Volkswagen might have enough in its arsenal to keep some of those shoppers in the fold. Some gasoline-powered VW models had a s...

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  • Awarded - the most beautiful Bugatti
    08 Oct 2015

    1939 Bugatti Type 57C Van Vooren won the award in the category of beauty contest.Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Prince of Persia and the Shah of Iran, received from French government as a wedding gift an Elegant roadster with a registered body in the Art Deco-style studio worked in Vanvurena. Until 1979 this Bugatti Type 57C Van Vooren Cabriolet was in the Shah's collection, but after the overthrow of the Pahlavi religious fundamentalists, it was cheaply sold  (less than $ 275), and somehow was moved to the US where the owner tried to equip the car.Currently, this unique Bugatti is s...

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