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Buy a car at RepoKar this Winter

With winter on its way, the roads can be dangerous because it dries slower and road visibility as well as battery failure can also be hazardous. It’s time to start thinking about how you can make your daily drive safer and stress-free. That doe...

  • 22 Exceptionally Bad Parkers
    12 Oct 2014

    A common parking etiquette is a thing you'd better follow! Here's a couple of photo evidence of poorly parked cars that have managed to piss off others and deserved at least to become a subject of the internet joke. Park your car according to all Feng Shui if you must but try not to ruin other people's day and stay positive! :)

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  • Printing your own car is real now!
    09 Oct 2014

    The futuristic dreams are now about to come true! Now it's real to design and make you own unique car and it even is the super-speedy process, tooo – it can take just two days to do this! How is that possible? -you can ask.It is now!An Arizona-based car manufacturer has created the world’s first fully functional, 3D-printed electric car. World’s first-3D printed ‘Strati’ vehicle that costs $17,100 was invented and tested in real life. The printing took place during the six-day International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 in Chicago last month. The battery-...

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  • Detecting Old Tires: The Steps
    08 Oct 2014

    Wondering if it's time to get new tires for your car? How to determine if the tires have worn out already without paying a costly visit to a mechanic? It's not that hard if you know what to look at. Let's study your auto's tires for the following indicators of weariness: TreadNormally the depth of your tires' tread shouldn't fall below 1/16 of an inch (1.6 millimeters). When it does – you know what to do: hop in the car and set forth to the nearest car workshop.So how to calculate the depth by yourself? You can buy a special gauge to measure the tread depth t...

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  • Collectible cars - toys for adults or a serious hobby?
    08 Oct 2014

    Love for collecting is familiar to everyone from childhood, and for many it remains a passion for life. Collectible model cars – this is one of the subjects to which passionate collectors manifest their love.If in the childhood a small collector will be enthused about the new candy wrappers, to the more advanced age he will be crazy about more serious things. Here, however, not everything depends on love to subjects, but also on importance of the price factor. What kind of automobiles are looked by the collectors? Car collection is considered one of the most expensive hobbies. ...

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  • Corvette Carbon Fiber Inspired Powerboat
    06 Oct 2014

    Marine Technology Incorporated and a powerboat manufacturer by the name of Pier 57 has got inspired by Corvette Carbon Fiber to build a new age speed boat, that goes for about $1.7 million!   They crafted this ZR1 Corvette inspired 2,700hp powerboat built from carbon fiber in Tennessee – this beauty can take you literally flying across the waters at 180 mph! The boat has a pair of 1,350hp turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines rather than the Vette’s LS9 engine. The boat is larger than a conventual size speed boat and being too large for most roads, it includes a custom t...

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