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Spend this Spring season with a new car from RepoKar

It's getting warmer and people are now planning their trips for spring. Spring is not only the good time for weekend family getaways, it's also the ideal time to visit many of the country's most popular vacation spots. RepoKar Auto Auctio...

  • Nissan Halts Sales of Some Redesigned Maxima Sedans
    23 Jul 2015

    NASHVILLE – Nissan halted some U.S. deliveries of the redesigned 2016 Maxima due to an unidentified quality problem.The stop-sale order covers only certain cars, identified only by their vehicle identification number (VIN) rather than by an entire trim package.Company spokesman Steve Yaeger said Wednesday that it is not yet clear what the precise quality concern is or how many Maximas will be involved.The stop-sale order has taken effect nationwide over the past few days, but is not affecting production of the vehicle, Yaeger said.Nissan is attempting to isolate the exact quality is...

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  • Make a career in Auto Sales
    16 Jul 2015

    A career in auto sales can be not only a job, but also a hobby. And if we look outside every second person owns a car. So of course cars are not everlasting, they do break or get out of service. The automobile industry creates new car models each year and everyone wants to own a new one. From this point of view auto sales can be a very rewarding job. But before you get started in doing car business, consider whether your personality is a good fit for it. Take some time to research the variety of brands out there to find one you'd be truly passionate about representing. And to understa...

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  • Pssst! Don't Forget the Release of Liability!
    13 Jul 2015

    When you hear the Horror stories of what happens when someone sells a car and forgets to furnish a Release of Liability or simply forgets to take it to the DMV Office, one assumes it is just a case of Urban Legends taken to extremes.  Well, it is not.I received a call last week from a concerned lady who had sold her car, and who had forgotten to issue a Release of Liability together with the Bill of Sale.  Well, it happens that the vehicle she sold was stolen from the new owner the very next day she sold it.If the theft of the automobile had been the only thing affecting our subject,...

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  • The Future of Law Enforcement in Toyota's Ultimate UV?
    01 Jul 2015

    Is Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle the Future of Law Enforcement?SEMA Show Car Combines Minivan Versatility with Truck Off-Roadability.  Indeed, Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle is headed to SEMA, after a 110-day trip around the U.S. The last time we looked at our calendar, SEMA was still scheduled for November, but that didn't stop Toyota from unveiling the Ultimate Utility Vehicle that it will take to this year's tuner extravaganza. With its matte black paint, black wheels and monochrome door logos, the UUV channels the look of the&n...

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  • Takata President Makes Public Apology For Airbag Deaths
    30 Jun 2015

    TOKYO (Bloomberg) -- Takata Corp. President Shigehisa Takada made a public apology for the eight deaths and hundreds of injuries related to the company’s airbags dating back more than a decade.Takada, 49, bowed and apologized at a press briefing in Tokyo after the company’s annual shareholders meeting today. He said the safety components supplier is considering ways to help victims, including by setting up a fund to compensate them.“I apologize for not having been able to communicate directly earlier, and also apologize for people who died or were injured,” Takada said....

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