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Buy a car at RepoKar this Winter

With winter on its way, the roads can be dangerous because it dries slower and road visibility as well as battery failure can also be hazardous. It’s time to start thinking about how you can make your daily drive safer and stress-free. That doe...

  • This Is How Cars Were Meant to Be Viewed
    14 Aug 2015

     We know, we know. The whole “cars-as-rolling-sculpture” thing is a bit of a cliché, but it’s still a good reminder that cars are best appreciated in motion -- which is why the annual Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance, held the Thursday before the Concours d’Elegance and free to watch from nearly anywhere along its route, is a Monterey car week must-see. The format is simple: car participating in the concours cruise around the Monterey peninsula, take in the jaw-dropping vistas of Big Sur and then head back to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a champagne receptio...

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  • When Music and Cars Join Forces
    09 Aug 2015

                Ever wondered about the different ways of how automotive fascination has affected people's lives? Well, we can give one way- through music. Whether it is a song about showing off a new Cadillac, or just some cheesy love song about how a guy loves his car more than he loves his woman (ouch!), the automotive world even reached the realm of music. AND when these two things get together, we know we have some good stuff! As music lovers, we would like to share some car songs that we thought had demonstrated that bond between music and cars. 1.) Slo...

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  • 3 Tips to Enlarge your Used Car Sales
    06 Aug 2015

    Most car buyers today want the car buying experience to be easy and less stressful than they imagine it should be. The question which arises for a car salesman is how to make the selling process more informal and unconstraining, so that the customers were very happy with their experience and give the dealership and the car salesman only favorable reviews.Some of the great tips and advice for car salesmen that can improve the trading process and help establishing a more confidential atmosphere while communicating with the potential buyers, are presented in this article.  To optimize t...

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  • Virtual Used-Car Dealers Gain Traction
    06 Aug 2015

    By JERRY HIRSCH - Los Angeles TimesA move from transit-rich New York to car-crazy Los Angeles prompted Manuela White to spend more than $17,000 on a used Toyota Corolla sight unseen with just a click on her laptop.White, 25, purchased her car from Beepi, which along with start-ups that include Carvana, Shift, Vroom and others is creating a new digital business model selling and buying used cars. They provide a virtual showroom and handle the marketing and much of the legal paperwork online, guaranteeing minimum prices to sellers and full refunds to buyers if they regret their purchase within a...

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  • Why College Students Should Utilize Repokar.com
    02 Aug 2015

    We have probably seen at least one teenager in our lifetime, whether in real life, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, who were super excited and ecstatic after finally passing their behind-the-wheel driving test. Who wouldn't be? It is a very rewarding feeling! But what is the next step?    You may have guessed the obvious but yes, they need something to ride on and drive for themselves. Hence, they need their own car. Going off to college? Well, students would want a safer way of getting groceries, or possibly shopping for some new appliances, or just school materials in ge...

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