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A Perfect Car for a Perfect Fall from RepoKar.com

Getting a great deal on a new or used car can often depend on your timing. Always keep an eye on the calendar, so you can take advantage of all the seasonal car sales. If you’re looking to buy a car, this coming Fall is the best time to find am...

  • Automatic vs. Manual Car Wash Ay or Nay
    21 Aug 2014

     Wash me!Who hadn't seen this ingenious hint handwritten on a layer of grime on someone's (or maybe our own) auto? Familiar story, right? When your car gets dirty, what’s your go-to routine? Do you run it through an automated wash and a scrub-down? Or maybe you’re the type of vehicle owner who prefers to do the job himself and washes, waxes, and dries the car till it shines like sun? Everyone has his favorite option dealing with the car washing and keeping it clean. There are pros and cons to either of them presented below to help you choose your own car washing method...

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  • Almost without hands. Test - drive the autopilot Volvo
    21 Aug 2014

    The news about the cars that will be able to drive on the roads without a driver, recently provoked interest in many of car manufacturers. “This is our nearest future” - said a representative of Volvo cars. According to hybrid and electric vehicles there is vehicles invented in many brands with the autopilot.  Google has already said that soon will start up the machines in the series. The tested prototypes clocked million kilometers and it was just one accident—and that’s was when the driver were behind the wheel. In Sweden Volvo company will present this...

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  • Air Conditioning And Tips For Its Durability
    21 Aug 2014

     Find out how to use air conditioning in winter and summer and to extend its term of service.Unlike climate control, air conditioning is a more primitive device, its main task is to cool the air in the cabin. Monitoring the temperature inside the driver needs to do it by himself, while climate control does it automatically. Despite this, air conditioner is still a nice bonus in the car, helping the driver and passengers feel comfortable in the summer. In certain countries with hot climates, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, its breaking is like a torture, because the outside tempe...

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  • A Trip Around The World On A Retro Car
    21 Aug 2014

     The ex-rally driver, car collector and dealer from Germany, Heidi Hetzer, has set off a journey of a lifetime, replicating the world’s first circumnavigation with her classic eight-cylinder 1930 Hudson vehicle. She plans to drive around two years to 56 countries, including California.  Dozen of photographers, camera crews and some 100 well-wishers met the 77 years old successful Berlin businesswoman bidding her farewell.In her native Berlin Frau Hetzer – is a celebrity: she is known as autoracer, professional mechanic and owner of several Opel car dealerships. After...

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    21 Aug 2014

    Would you like a car that reflects your lifestyle or you need a car just to get to work and back? Do you need a large vehicle for your growing family or you want a small stylish car? A new sports car presents your welfare while mini models open to you the park places which are usually inaccessible. So which one suits you the best? Ask yourself these questions before making a final choice.  You are what you drive People treat you according to your clothes and a car can tell a lot about you to the world: so it's a high time to think about your next car purchase. It will help t...

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