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Ready For Fall: Buy A Car From RepoKar Online Auto Auction

Summer has officially come to an end. It won’t be long before the weather goes from post-summer comfort to a little brisker and icky. A good car will help traveling more comfortable and more fun. RepoKar can help you get the car.  At ...

  • Toyota Says More Than 50 Staff Injured in China Port Explosions
    14 Aug 2015

    BEIJING/TOKYO (Reuters) -- Toyota Motor Corp. said on Friday more than 50 of its employees were injured by Wednesday night's explosions in the Chinese port of Tianjin that killed 56 people."We have now heard that over 50 employees who live in the surrounding area, including in company accommodation, have been injured," Toyota said in a written statement.Toyota said it was not aware of any employee deaths.The explosions resulted in broken windows at two dealerships, one operated by FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd., and one operated by GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd, Toyota said, adding...

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  • Takata President Makes Public Apology For Airbag Deaths
    30 Jun 2015

    TOKYO (Bloomberg) -- Takata Corp. President Shigehisa Takada made a public apology for the eight deaths and hundreds of injuries related to the company’s airbags dating back more than a decade.Takada, 49, bowed and apologized at a press briefing in Tokyo after the company’s annual shareholders meeting today. He said the safety components supplier is considering ways to help victims, including by setting up a fund to compensate them.“I apologize for not having been able to communicate directly earlier, and also apologize for people who died or were injured,” Takada said....

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  • Honda Accord, Mazda 6 or Ford Mondeo - What is your choice?
    28 Apr 2015

    D-class sedan - the best type of car for a city dweller: it accommodates four and if necessary - five men, the trunk is very large and can accommodate everything you buy. Such sedans are very comfortable and safe. See below all the pro and cons about such type of vehicles:Honda AccordHonda Accord earns top honors in the midsize sedan class with its well-rounded mix of excellent packaging, superb fuel economy and rewarding performance. Pros: Roomy and high-quality interior; refined and efficient power-trains; quick acceleration; responsive handling; generous standard features; available co...

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  • Hackers Attack The Cars: Brake Failure Via Bluetooth
    19 Mar 2015

    Hackers can easily get cars out of control. Two U.S. experts have now studied the most popular vehicle models on their safety. The result was startling. With the help of increasing the vehicle technology car-hackers obtained easier ways to catch new cars.The special feature is that hackers could attack via wireless systems such as Bluetooth and tire control the vehicle remotely. Last year had hackers Miller and Valasek gained to take control of the steering wheel and brakes of the Ford Escape and Toyota Prius. Other hackers had success only if they needed to have a laptop that was connect...

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  • GPS Alert: Hilarious Fails
    11 Nov 2014

    Remember the times when the only way to travel the unfamiliar road was to consult the awkward paper maps or desperately try to pry out the necessary direction out of fellow drivers or gas station attendants? A good thing GPS navigators were invented, right? They seem to know every road and direction and lead you any distance to the point of your destination! But do they indeed?Let's check out a compilation of fascinating GPS fails! Here we go: Hands-free driving & GPSRobert Jones from Doncaster, UK can tell you about the advantages of hands-free driving like no one else. He seems ...

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