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Spring is the Best Time to Buy a car!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to discover fresh feelings of adventure.If you are willing to explore your need for speed, then RepoKar is the right place for you! RepoKar is a fun, high-octane online Public Auto Auction where you'r...

  • 2016 the year of fuel-efficient cars!
    25 Apr 2016

    Despite the gas low prices, fuel economy cars are still among the most sought in America.The statistics from the Consumer Federation of America say that 4 from 5 consumers are sure that next time they go shopping for a car they'll take care of its gas mileage. Jack Gills, director of public affairs for the nonprofit organization thinks it's no surprise, since consumers have had a long history with volatile gas prices.Motorists have saved $12 billion this year, but the consumers still expect the prices to rise again soon. The average respondent to CFA's survey predicted a ...

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  • Ram - boosting sales using limited-edition buzz models
    20 Mar 2016

    Using limited-edition buzz models to juice Jeep Wrangler sales has worked so well that the automaker is trying it out on pickups. Special editions are great for connecting with buyers in a unique way. Last week Ram introduced a Yellow Rose of Texas edition of its Ram 1500 light-duty pickup, with a Stinger Yellow paint job. The buzz model is a version of the half-ton's Lone Star trim level, which is sold only in Texas. The $495 paint job will be available in April. The new Ram 1500 Yellow Rose of Texas edition is a perfect example of how the company identify with custome...

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  • Mazda stops its sales of CX-5 models and B-Series pickups
    02 Feb 2016

    The carmaker has recalled and stopped the sale of more than 260,000 of Mazda CX-5 vehicles over fuel leak concerns, and 19,000 examples of the 2004–2006 B-Series pickup. The issue stems from the filler pipe that connects the fuel port to the tank itself. A rear-end collision might rupture the pipe, which could then begin leaking fuel. Worst-case scenario, a fuel leak near a spark source could result in a fire. Thus far, Mazda has not heard of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.The pickups contain Takata-sourced driver's side airbag inflators that could rupture in a ...

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  • America is covered with Winter Storm Jonas
    25 Jan 2016

    Millions of Americans are battling with the elements on Saturday as Jonas brought hurricane-force winds and feet of snow to ten states.About 150,000 North Carolina homes and businesses are shuddering in the cold after ice and strong winds caused power outages. The State Highway Patrol warned motorists on Saturday to stay off roads that were coated with invisible sheets of ice. Troopers had responded to more than 2,000 crashes since icy conditions moved in on Wednesday.Storm Jonas had left the East Coast covered with a think blanket of snow on Saturday as it hovers over the East Coast of t...

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  • Amusing vehicles and entertaining car concepts
    21 Jan 2016

    We bring you the Most Funny and Weird Cars in The World! Want to see a Giant Snail Car? The World's Smallest Car? Or the most bizarre vehicles in the world?Check out right now our collection of funny car pictures and weird car concepts.1963 Fulda Mobil Bambi Sporty Pick-Up Truck1939 Fiat-NSU 500 Weinsberg RoadsterThe Golden Mean Snail Car is a giant hot rod art car built by a group of artists in West Oakland’s Kraftworks building in 2008.Peel Trident - The World's Smallest CarFiat City Car - The vehicle was a concept car with an electric engine designed by Fiat in 19721971 Motorh...

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