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Spring is the Best Time to Buy a car!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to discover fresh feelings of adventure.If you are willing to explore your need for speed, then RepoKar is the right place for you! RepoKar is a fun, high-octane online Public Auto Auction where you'r...

  • Hatchbacks to become the new automotive best sellers
    05 Jun 2016

    The growing popularity of crossovers and SUVs on the U.S. market is no more a secret, but lately more and more experts speak about a sweeping growth of the hatchbacks demand. The U.S. market for hatchbacks is expected to grow faster than any of the other nine vehicle body styles according to the results of a specialized research. As specialists expect a 37 percent growth in U.S. hatch sales through to 2020, to 1.1 million vehicles, some of the biggest automakers are supplementing their car lineups with five-doors. Potential high-volume entries such as the Honda Civic and Ch...

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  • Honda hopes to improve its sales record with fuel-cell vehicles
    21 Apr 2016

    Honda Motor Co. plans to broaden the Clarity nameplate to two more alternative-fuel vehicles, considering that green cars building is a priority direction in its future activity.The Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell hatchback set to go on sale late this year will be followed by an all-electric Clarity next year. A third model, a Clarity plug-in hybrid, will be launched later in 2017. The three Clarity models will all share the same front-wheel-drive platform and five-seat, hatchback layout. Styling between the versions will vary slightly. Honda expects the Clarity plug-in hyb...

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  •  New Electric cars from Nissan
    07 Apr 2016

    Nissan has confirmed that it will not build small, rear-wheel-drive sports cars soon.The model which may have tackled the likes of Toyota’s 86 and the Mazda MX-5 in the sales-race would have sat below the current 370Z and GT-R models in the carmaker’s range.But now, according to reports out of Europe, the small sports car plans have been returned to the shelf where they may sit for quite some time. According to Nissan Senior Vice President Shiro Nakamura, the company has a modular platform currently under development that could underpin a model range featuring both electric and fos...

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  • The American company Saleen auctioned an unusual supercar
    11 Nov 2015

    It includes all rights from the sports coupe Saleen S7 and the racing version S7R. And also the example body of the coupe Saleen S5S Raptor. In 2000, the Saleen S7 was the first independent company, which in 1984 was engaged in tuning cars of Ford Mustang cars. Mid-engined coupe was created with Phil Frank Design (design of exterior and interior), and Ray Mallock Ltd (chassis). The basic version includes carbon-fiber bodywork; a modified Ford V8 engine capacity of 7.0 liters (558 hp); the manual transmission can accelerate up to 97 km / h in 3.3 seconds; the top speed exceeds 350 km / h.R...

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  • American Honda Motor Co. unveiled its new 2016 Honda Civic
    16 Sep 2015

    DETROIT — Honda Civic compact car on dealer lots was criticized for being cheap and boring, the company still sold almost 326,000 of them last year.Honda unveiled the new 2016 version in Detroit on Wednesday. The 10th generation Civic will come in sedan, coupe, hatchback.Their inside are much bigger and gives them a more athletic stance for better handling. With new engines, transmissions and suspensions, which will make them more efficient and more fun to drive than the outgoing model. The new version was and engineered in the U.S., and German luxury automakers designed the quality...

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