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Buy a car at RepoKar this Winter

With winter on its way, the roads can be dangerous because it dries slower and road visibility as well as battery failure can also be hazardous. It’s time to start thinking about how you can make your daily drive safer and stress-free. That doe...

  • U.S Car Sales decline in 2018
    03 Jan 2018

    This year was not good for U.S. car sales, academics and researchers are talking about a pangent but not the worst decline in 2018. There are not so many specialists who dare to have a look beyond 2018, but Morgan Stanley did it and he doesn't like what it sees, with a technology-obsolescence inspired downturn so awful governament subsidies may be necessary to support the market.Meanwhile forecasts for 2018's decreases with 1.5% to off 5%. BMI Research rekons sales in 2018 will go down with 1.5%after a 1.1% fall this year. The Center for Automotive Research  at the University...

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  • 2 Nissan stores unexpectedly closed: the case is being investigated
    31 Oct 2017

    Nearly 100 employees have lost their jobs last week, when unexpectedly 2 Nissan dealerships have closed. Nissan of Streetsboro and Airport Nissan near Cleveland gave no warning to customers before closing their doors on Oct. 23.  The dealerships have reportedly had three owners in a year and a half and most recently were under the control of Automax, a Florida financial group, the TV station reported. Automax could not be reached for comment. The Ohio Automobile Dealers Association and the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers' Association did not return calls seeking comment. &ls...

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  • Toyota officially opens its new headquarters in North America
    14 Aug 2017

    Toyota has opened its new headquarters in North America, and the grand opening ceremony featured aerial dancers twirling atop polarized glass high above the 100-acre campus in a carefully choreographed mix of precision and risk. It was a fitting tribute to Toyota's $1 billion bet to uproot thousands of workers from techie California to a Texas city whose name means "a flat place" for its barren terrain.  The logic of nestling the regional home of one of the world's dominant automakers amid Plano's headquarters row of financial institutions and insurance companie...

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  • U.S. auto market down, but not poisoned!
    26 Jun 2017

    By saying the U.S. auto market goes down specialists literally ignore the fact that a shakeout normally requires a recession and rising unemployment to poison the market’s health, which by the way isn’t visible yet. Saying the consumer lending is currently in crisis is a wrong path, just like the worries that the U.S. car sales are about to dive by between 1 million to 4 million annually over the next 3 years.  The downward spiral can be saved by another government “cash for clunkers” subsidies. A stretched consumer, falling used prices, and technological obso...

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  • The U.S. economy under pressure as the car sales drop
    23 May 2017

    Since the US auto sales were steadily rising, they have helped the country to recover economically, but now as the car sales drop and the economy is also under pressure. US carmakers have started to idle workers for months at a time.Trump has touted the auto sector - which he previously lambasted for moving production to Mexico - as proof of his programme's success. "We're going to have expansion," he told reporters last week.  Following seven years of steady growth that led to sales records in 2015 and 2016, deliveries of new vehicles in the US dropped 4.7 per cent...

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