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Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

When it comes to safe driving, you search for a car that corresponds to your every need. The car, first of all, has to be dynamic, spacious, and powerful. You’ll definitely find all these basic car needs here on Repokar. This cold winter season...

  • Volvo Wants A Third Of Its Cars Sold To Be Driverless By 2025
    07 Jun 2018

    Volvo set out new ambitious targets for itself, saying it expects a third of all cars sold to be self-driving vehicles and half of all cars it offers to be available through its Care by Volvo subscription service, creating direct links to 5 million customers, all by the middle of the next decade.  These business goals add to previously stated target that half of Volvo’s car sales will be pure electric vehicles by 2025. Volvo thinks that these initiatives will help it transform its connection to consumers and help it develop new connected services for consumers and generate prem...

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  • Car Companies Started Offering Monthly Subscriptions for Drivers
    13 May 2018

    About a third of the 17 million cars expected to be sold in the U.S. this year are leased. The rest of them are purchased. However, there’s a new option for drivers coming in 2018 – car subscriptions. It is addressed to people that do not want to own a car but want to have access to a range of cars whenever they want.  So, by paying a monthly fee to access a variety of vehicles they can change up when they want. The flat fee starts from $400 and gets to as much as $3,700, depending on the company, and most often comes with insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, pick...

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  • Tesla's free Autopilot
    19 Apr 2016

    Only one month ago Tesla Motors unveiled its latest pure-electric invention—the Model 3 and over 325,000 people placed a $1,000 US deposit to get in line to eventually order one of the sleek sedans, with its glass panoramic roof, a base range of 345 kms, and an affordable price starting at just $35,000 US and now they have other surprises for costumers.If you bought a car these years it means you got it with some additional equipment that you may find very helpful and interesting. From the beginning they come with a free trial and we use it as much as we need it, but we ge...

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  • Exploring the live auction
    31 May 2015

    Have you ever considered laid-back auctioning directly from your laptop, tablet or cell phone while chilling in your cosy sofa at home on a hot flaming summer weekend? This is going to be possible with the new feature from the online public auto auction Repokar. Are you ready to engage in the clash of the titans to grab the car you are craving for?Repokar gives users the chance to get excited and go through all the fun that takes place at a real car auction by having in front of them the visualization of the ongoing online auto auction process on their devices. The "On Air" visualiza...

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