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Spring is the Best Time to Buy a car!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to discover fresh feelings of adventure.If you are willing to explore your need for speed, then RepoKar is the right place for you! RepoKar is a fun, high-octane online Public Auto Auction where you'r...

  • Lincoln Continental breaks down
    03 Dec 2015

    There are some captured images of a stricken Lincoln Continental getting a tow back the shop.It's not clear what happened with the wounded Continental, but its unfortunate breakdown has given us a great look at the car's sprawling glass roof. Like the current MKZ, it looks like the Conti's panoramic roof can slide back, although we doubt it will cover up any element of the rear window, like its smaller sibling. And unlike our previous round of spy photos, this latest gallery gives us a look at a rather substantial set of integrated exhaust tips (i.e. fakes that have been fitte...

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  • A 1972 BMW 2002 was for sale for $105K
    30 Nov 2015

    This 1972 BMW 2002 project was for sale on eBay in Costa Mesa, California for the reasonable price of $104,990. Since the listing went up a few days ago, the seller has ended it without explaining the reasons behind it.Paul Cain, a long time vintage BMW enthusiast, completed this BMW 2002 project in 2017. Starting with an old 1972 BMW, he and his brother, Joe, meticulously poured over every inch of the car to build the ultimate, a modern BMW 2002.The final result is a twin-turbocharged, M54 6-cylinder, 5-speed beast with a nearly perfect 51/49 weight distribution. That balance was achieved, in...

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  • 11 Best Car Chase Scenes in Movies
    21 Aug 2014

     Here's a compilation of unforgettable car chase movie scenes just for you! Relieve the best moments, full of adrenaline and rush with your favorite movie characters! Watch and enjoy!  WantedA luxurious sports car Dodge Viper spinning at 75 mph, stunning Angelina Jolie clutching to it as she fires large-caliber weapons is something you aren't likely to forget!   Gone In 60 SecondsNicolas Cage is completely unstoppable in that unforgettable chase scene driving 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500 Custom!   To Live and Die in L.A.Here we see an amazing ...

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