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Ready For Fall: Buy A Car From RepoKar Online Auto Auction

Summer has officially come to an end. It won’t be long before the weather goes from post-summer comfort to a little brisker and icky. A good car will help traveling more comfortable and more fun. RepoKar can help you get the car.  At ...

  • Hyundai and Kia sales plunged 65% in China and 11.5% in US
    07 Jun 2017

    Hyundai USA and its smaller affiliate Kia Motors revealed their US sales and it turns out that even though their sales in China plunged 65%, the situation was a bit different here in US. Their combined sales in the U.S. market fell 1.9 percent in April and 11.5 percent in May, continuing on the downward spiral.  According to the data compiled by Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America on June 2, the combined U.S. sales of Hyundai-Kia Motors in May decreased 11.5 percent on-year to 118,518 units. By brand, Hyundai Motor sold a total of 60,011 units in the U.S. last month, do...

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  • February car sales less resilient than anticipated
    01 Mar 2017

    We were expecting for car sales to calm down in February, but despite all the expectations and predictions we were still hoping for better results. Bad news, U.S. auto sales showed to be even less resilient this month than anticipated. If we have to compare these results with February last year, than they are down 1.1%. Automakers like General Motors (GM), American Honda Motor Co., and Nissan North America reported new-car sales gains from a year ago. Volkswagen Group, plus the premium German nameplates and three independent brands, also posted sales increases. However, Ford Motor Co. (Ford) a...

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  • 10 Cars You Need To Consider On Memorial's Day Weekend!
    26 May 2016

    Memorial Day isn't just a holiday people like celebrating with family and friends by going on road trips or barbeques, it's an additional day for getting a new car. There are three major holidays when customers usually go to dealerships and make some car shopping, Memorial Day is one of them, the list also includes Labor Day and July 4th. If this Memorial Day goes well, as dealers and car makers plan than this May could be one of the strongest selling months of the year. If you plan on going to a dealership, or buy a car online you'd better be armed with research on what ...

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