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  • Apple and McLaren were in talks, and nothing more
    21 Nov 2016

    It's been only a month since we've heard that Apple is in talks with McLaren, the company planned on buying the carmaker, at least that's what the rumors were saying. A McLaren spokesperson flatly denied the rumor at the time, but it turns out that perhaps the truth of the matter is a little more complex than that denial encompassed.  In an interview with Reuters, McLaren's acting CEO Mike Flewitt confirmed that there were talks with Apple, but that they never reached the stage where Apple made a bid. He said that Apple never offered a bid, they made a visit, the...

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  • Winter news and deals from RepoKar
    20 Nov 2016

    Winter is here! Slip in to your favorite black leather jacket, pair them with a hot cup of Caffè Americano, to go, and you’re all set for an amazing winter adventure. But before heading off to your escapade, stop by RepoKar.com and discover jaw-dropping deals on your dream car.At RepoKar.com, the nation’s largest auto auction site, you’ll only interact with the friendliest car sellers with massive inventories at affordable prices! Find hundreds of SUVs, 4-wheel drive vehicles that’ll keep you warm throughout your journey.  With an updated website, both ...

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  • Forget about dealerships' revolution, and wait for the evolution
    16 Nov 2016

    Over the next 10 years expect the car dealerships to have a evolution, but don't let yourself get tricked it's not gonna be a revolution. The changes are coming to auto dealerships, that's something inevitable, but it's not gonna be a disruptive overthrow of the business model.  The goal of the research was to look at the state of auto retailing in 2025. NADA commissioned the study in March as a way to stimulate long-term thinking and planning among dealers, the report's gonna be presented at the end of the week. The dealership model will remain dominant, with dir...

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  • Overall retail sales in US rose!
    15 Nov 2016

    Americans spent briskly at retailers in recent months, supporting hopes for a strong holiday shopping season and giving the economy momentum. Retail sales- measuring spending at restaurants, clothiers, online stores and other shops- rose 0.8% in October from the prior month, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. Sales grew 1% in September, revised figures showed, up from a previously reported 0.6% increase.  Those gains marked the best two-month stretch of sales in at least two years. September and October are shaping up to be the best two-month stretch for retail sales since early 2...

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  • China might cut the relationship with U.S. because of Trump's all-trade war
    14 Nov 2016

    It seems that the new president Donald Trump didn't manage to win the love of China yet, truly saying the idea of launching an all-trade war against China isn't something the country must really like. We remember the way China lashed out repeatedly the Asian country during the acrimonious race for the White House. The communist party leader voted for punishing Beijing with defensive 45% tariffs on Chinese imports and to officially declare it a currency manipulator.  US auto and iPhone sales in China will suffer a setback, and US soybean and maize imports will be halted. China...

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