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  • Volkswagen Group Skoda won't succeed in U.S. after the scandal?
    06 Jun 2016

    Volkswagen Group Skoda has some tough times these days because of its parent, that is why the company isn't sure yet about selling vehicles in U.S. The Czech value brand is examining the potential of markets where the brand is not yet present. One of the chosen places might be North America, but the decision wasn't made yet.   Skoda vehicles might be underpinned by Volkswagen Group technology but it won a lot of praises for its high quality and functionality. The vehicles are sold very well in countries like: China and Germany but now with the low economy in Russia ...

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  • 10 Cars You Need To Consider On Memorial's Day Weekend!
    26 May 2016

    Memorial Day isn't just a holiday people like celebrating with family and friends by going on road trips or barbeques, it's an additional day for getting a new car. There are three major holidays when customers usually go to dealerships and make some car shopping, Memorial Day is one of them, the list also includes Labor Day and July 4th. If this Memorial Day goes well, as dealers and car makers plan than this May could be one of the strongest selling months of the year. If you plan on going to a dealership, or buy a car online you'd better be armed with research on what ...

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  • People stay skeptical to self-driving capabilities of a vehicle!
    23 May 2016

    A study published today revealed that more than four out of five people would prefer not to ride in fully autonomous vehicles. Almost 50% of the respondents would like to drive in a simple vehicle with no self-driving capabilities, maybe just with partially self-driving or completely self-driving technology, it is what the results of the study from University of Michigan show. Only 6% of the participants at this study would like to drive such a car, while 39% of them prefer partially self-driving cars.   If we'd have to make some comparisons between the young drivers and the...

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  • Automarketers emphasize the sports advertising efficiency
    11 May 2016

    More and more automarketers recognize that the role of sports in a brand's advertizing campaign is not to be neglected. Experts point to the fact that sports are the last kind of programming people watch live on TV. There’s not another platform with more fans that are more engaging around a common goal and subject, so that many of the automakers are taking sports as one of the platforms that helps them get the word out.  Among the brands that have invested solid money in into sports marketing the main are: Honda and Hyundai that aired Supe...

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  • Auto sales are back on track this month!
    03 May 2016

    This April is a good month for car sales, more than 1.5 million vehicles were sold, which is for 3.6% more than in 2015. Michelle Krebs a senior analyst said that any notions from March's disappointing car sales must get some rest and they must focus on some April records. Autodata Corp. put the industry on track to sell 17.4 million vehicles in 2016. Now that April is over, we can possibly say that it could be the best April ever for auto traders and auto makers.   SUV's sales increased 7.9% comparing to last year, and pickup sales grew for 7%. Ford Explorer sales led t...

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