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Tesla owner explains why he won't ever buy a Tesla again

15 Aug 2017
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Tesla owner explains why he won't ever buy a Tesla again

The owner and a huge Tesla fan has shared his thoughts on its favorite automaker and Tesla cars, and how his love for Teslas has been destroyed. He could be called as an adopter, since he bought his 892nd Tesla roadster to come off the assembly line in 2010. It had few problems, the motor had to be replaced multiple times. He bought his second Tesla then, and his third one both top-off-the-line Model S sedans. Paying almost $400,000 for the sleek, futuristic automobiles. He loved them at first, and even encouraged his brother to buy one. But at a moment, he simply stopped loving Tesla models.



Here’s what he says: -Through hubris, loss of focus, or simply ignorance of its consumer mission, Tesla has lost its way. For me personally, after a myriad of product issues, the damage Tesla did to my car, and mounting frustration over Tesla’s lack of responsiveness, I had no choice but to sue the company (see attached lawsuit) in state court in Fairfax County, Va. This action came after they refused to even return my phone calls or answer my emails. That’s no way for a company that wants to be an American trailblazer to treat those who supported them from the beginning. Let’s get one thing straight: I believe in Tesla’s clean energy mission, and the vision of its head, Elon Musk, to combat global warming. As a tech entrepreneur and engineer myself with several dozen patents, I understand and admire his passion.



- I simply want Tesla to get it right and not to all but abandon early and loyal consumers. If they do, -- and in my experience they have -- this does not bode well for future purchasers, including those who order the lower-priced Model 3 sedans. The third and most recent Tesla I purchased had some annoying noise problems. I took it to the Tesla service center for repair, and in the process, the company tore a hole in the leather seat. They were honest and admitted what happened. It seemed like a minor fix and the company said it would replace the seat at its own cost. However, even after making the promise in writing, they stalled, and then went completely silent over the last 11 months. Tesla didn’t explicitly refuse to fix the problem. Instead, they turned a blind eye to my many inquiries, and their own documented evidence of the problem. This is not simply the pique of a grouchy customer upset over a minor issue. In fact, my lawsuit will likely cost me much more than I stand to gain, but it’s not about the money. It is really not even about me. It’s about the future of Tesla and other companies promising innovative products, and how they treat customers.



Alain Cohen is a successful entrepreneur and engineer in the Washington, D.C., area. Cohen was co-founder and president of OPNET Technologies, a Nasdaq traded company until it was sold for $1 billion in 2012. He is co-founder and CEO of internet startup Bublup, Inc., as well as Cobro Ventures, Inc., a venture company in the tech and biotech sectors.

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