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Why BMW added water in the engine?

27 Oct 2015
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Why BMW added water in the engine?

BMW M4 GTS - the so-called fastest two-door BMW. And it was built for the 30th anniversary of the legendary BMW M3
However, the germans will celebrate the release only in 2016, because the output of M4 GTS is scheduled for next spring. Firstly, there will be made only 700 pieces of this model (and 300 of them will go to the United States). And secondly, namely on this BMW coupe the manufacturers used a system of water injection into the intake manifold.
What for? Naturally to boost the motor! The plan is - moisture lowers its temperature and increases the density. This way the cylinders can carry more fuel. Here is the profit.
It is supposed that the five liter tank is enough for about five filling stations with fuel. This is because in the process of driving the supply of water will be replenished due to condensation on the climate system. And then the driver will have to refill only the distilled water (otherwise the interior of the motor covered with scum) - is it inexpensive, but the drivers have to bother with it.

The M4 GTS was born for racing. Due to the abundant use of carbon (roof, hood, trunk, body kit elements and frame chairs), as well as through a titanium exhaust system, carbon-ceramic brakes and removal of the rear couch the coupe feels better at 27 kg - to 1510 kg. The effect of the "diet" would be stronger, but the Bavarians decided to leave the air-conditioning, multimedia system, as well as other comfort items. 
In any case, M4 GTS became very fast with the result of 7 min. 28 - it is 24 seconds faster than the simple M4. This Coupe starts with 3.8 seconds (0.3 seconds faster as simple coupe) and reaches a maximum speed of 305 km / h.

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