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About us

about us

Repokar.com is a public auto auction site. Repokar is a website open to a variety of sellers: private individuals, banks, government agencies, and rental car companies. With a wide range of sellers gathered in a single auction site, repokar.com is a great start to finding your dream car. Many of the vehicles we auction are prior car rental cars, off-lease used cars, repossessed used cars, government used cars, fleet lease cars, and bank cars. To ensure you buy a quality used car, we offer a pre-sale and post-sale inspection for a nominal fee.

Repokar was established by Ally Trust in 2008. As an automobile aficionado, Ally started her career as a car dealer at the age of 22. Selling at eBay Motors was one of her online marketplaces. At times she was forced to cut her profits in half just to pay eBay Motors’s high fees. Ally became frustrated with eBay Motors’s high fees. Determined to find better means of selling her large inventory of used cars while maximizing her profit and providing quality vehicles to her prospective clients, Ally decided to build her own online public auto auction site. With zero insertion fees and nominal fees when a car is sold, Repokar has attracted many industry specialists such as used car dealers, independent auctioneers, banks, and other companies to auction off their cars on our website.

about us

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